Leoncie is one of the recipients of a cow. Not only has the cow already given her two calves, she also benefits by selling the milk and using the manure to plant her banana trees. Leoncie was able to rehabilitate her home and is now able to pay for her two children’s medical insurance, school fees, and is saving money to send her children to secondary school.  Leoncie says that before her cows, she was just “a poor farmer” but now is comfortable supporting herself and children. Leoncie’s husband had left her several years ago but she explains that because of the confidence she gained by being financially independent, her husband has come back and contributes to the family as well.  Leoncie hopes to expand the number of cows she has in the future.

Vanessa is a beneficiary of the school feeding program. She is the youngest in a family of five but has lived with her grandmother since her father’s passing. Before the program, Vanessa would go home during the lunch hour but would come back to school without eating anything. The program has helped her a lot not only physically, but she has also seen an improvement in her test scores and is now second in her class. Vanessa hopes to go to the university in the future to study business and has started a college savings account.

Claudine was chosen to have a new house constructed because of her husband passing away in 2010 and being left on her own with her three kids. In her old house, her and her kids often had to migrate within the house when it was raining because it had a dilapidated roof that leaked. Claudine was part of the process to design and build her house and said that when her and her kids first stepped into the new house, it was “the most joyful time, we danced and sang!” She hopes to continue raising her kids and save enough money to pay for their school fees

Marie Michelle was given three goats and had two reproduce. She says she is very proud of the project and proud to have been able to sell one kid in the market and take care of the other one. Usually within a year, most families have a goat offspring to benefit from. Marie Michelle is saving the money she receives to use as capital to restart her former beignet business.

Josie was selected to be a beneficiary of a cow, a goat and a water tank in November of 2013. Before given this opportunity, Josie’s only form of income was farming since she lost her husband in 2002; this was very difficult since the land was old and didn’t have much production. However, the cow, goat and water tank, now allow her to generate more money into the family. With her cow, she can use the manure to add to her farming plot in order to produce more crops. Before the water tank, Josie used to have to wake up early every morning to go get water from the lake for her and her 5 children. Now her water tank is easily accessible and she can also use it to give to her cow, as well as, watering her plants. Because of the projects, she can now afford to send all of her kids to school.  She is also the president of a Women’s Cooperative that plants pineapples and creates Imigongo (paintings) to use as another source of income.