Marcegaglia Foundation is the foundation of participation, set up in 2010 by the Marcegaglia’s, a family of entrepreneurs: Steno Marcegaglia, his wife Mira, his sons Emma and Antonio with Carolina Toso Marcegaglia, who was entrusted with the presidency.

The Foundation reflects  the spirit that animated the Gazoldo degli Ippoliti steel processing company more than 50 years ago and has now become a Group with 50 factories in the world: entrepreneurship excellence has always been accompanied with discretion and sensitivity to many social instances.


Building a world where social inequalities are increasingly reduced and  the role of women is valued.


Supporting women, a driver of growth and development for their families and communities.


Projects of solidarity and cooperation in the field of social and health care in Italy and abroad.

The Marcegaglia Foundation supports solidarity projects through financing  organizations rooted in the territory or directly through operating partners.

Abroad, the Foundation supports development projects focusing on female entrepreneurship through start-ups and the creation of micro-enterprises and the development of local healthcare systems.

In Italy it supports interventions aimed at combating social exclusion, domestic violence and new poverty, particularly in the territories where the company is present with its establishments.